4 Reasons Why Every Restaurant needs Delious POS.

  1. Track your Revenue
    Many small to medium sized restaurants indicate that they cannot monitor their revenue real-time. Many spend extensively to install servers in every of their restaurant in order to pull all the data to their main office or headquarters. Revenue data is invaluable information about the financial health of the restaurant. Countermeasures like promotions and other actions can be quickly implemented in order to improve the operations and sales, with relevant information at hand. Delious POS provides connectivity to the Cloud and pulls revenue data periodically to provide real-time information.

  2. Don’t Lose Out
    Delious POS and DIGI Management Console provides a very inexpensive method for you to track your sales and your customers. Implemented with Loyalty cards, you can track your customers and make necessary promotions to keep customers coming to your restaurant.

  3. Remove Manual Steps
    Implemented with the Android ordering system, waiters key in the orders directly to any Android handphone and this order immediately goes to the kitchen for preparation. This removes any manual steps, improves productivity and reduces errors. Waiters can check the status of the order easily through the handphone as well.

  4. Cool & Modern Efficient
    By using the latest technology, makes the restaurant look cool, modern and up to date. Waiters can be informed of the promotions for the day as this is displayed on the Android order taking system and quickly promote to the customer. Create better Customer Experience with a more efficient ordering, preparation, checking and serving system.

Now it’s up to you !!!