Point Of Sales



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With a compact design Point of Sales Delious PICO and Delious WIZ can be placed on the counter top.

Category Menu System

The food and beverage menu can be categorized according to the type of food or drink. the menu can also be given images to facilitate input orders and reduce input order errors.

Advanced Cloud

Transaction, discount / promo and price update data will connect to Delious Cloud in order to connect to all store / branch with high security level.


  • Flexible adjusment of display
  • DIGI’s electronic shelf label
  • Attractive & intuitive user interface design
  • Display the menu with pictures
  • Category menu system
  • Built-in reciept printer
  • USB barcode scanner
  • Advanced cloud back office
  • Interactive costumer display
  • POP hanger
How The System Works
esl infotag

Customer Choose Food/Drink

Customers can choose their own Bread, cakes and beverages available at the store or can order directly to the shop assistant. Customers can see names, prices, discounts and food/beverages on Infotag.


Payment Transaction

Waiter accepts payments using Delious Pico or Delious Wiz machines. In addition to payment transactions you can also put a poster promo or the latest food adverts on POP Hanger located on the back of the machine Delious Pico or Delious Wiz.

delious cloud icon 03

Data Connected to Delious Cloud

Transaction and price data will connect to Delious Cloud to connect to all the stores with high security level.

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