DMC is a system for managing data on Delious POS machines such as sales reports, updates menu / products, customer management, store promotions etc. With a centralized cloud-based system you can monitor store performance in real time. Can be accessed from anywhere, without the need for expensive servers.

In addition to monitoring sales you can update the menu / product and promotional updates for all your stores only from the head office.


The Digi Management Console has a complete sales report feature. With the DMC you can monitor employee absences, item reports, stock items, store day sales, favorite menus and sales comparisons. Sales reports can be viewed hourly, daily, monthly or annually and can be exported to CSV files or PDF can be sent via email.

Table Layout

Table layout design can minimize order errors in your restaurant. You can change the layout design of the table in your restaurant only from the head office.


You can manage the promotion of each of your shops / restaurants only from the head office easily and quickly without having to visit your shop / restaurant one by one. The store promotion feature will be displayed on the display customer for every postal machine in your store.

Update Menu / Product

The menu / product update feature is useful for changing, reducing or adding menus that are on your post machine. You can change the menu list, product name, product image, category and product prices in all your shops / restaurants quickly and easily from the central office. In addition to menu updates you can also change product prices using DMC.

Customer Management

With the customer management feature you can monitor customer transactions in your store so you can offer attractive offers to your loyal customers.