Label Printer

The DP-5000 PC based compact printer offers a versatile printing solution for your limited work space. With a high speed printer and utilizing a large label roll, it alleviates prepacking operation to achieve high efficiency.

label printer

Front label loading

The loading mechanism of the DP-5000 is designed at the front to cater for easier and faster label change. This feature aims to facilitate operation efficiency during prepacking operation.

8.4 TFT Color Operator touch screen

With the adjustable touch screen, operator can manipulates the display to their viewing preference. Customizable screen layout further enhances user operation.

High resolution printing with wide label roll

Present useful details or marketing messages visibly using the high resolution printer that prints at 300dpi. Using the wide width 80mm label/receipt, more information can be printed at higher speeds.

Other features

The DP-5000 also includes notable features like remote diagnostics, email alerts, printing graphics on the label and receipt, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and help mode for operators.


Display 8.4″ TFT SVGA with Touch Panel
Operator Display (Adjustable) +/-30 degree left and right; 90 degree up and down
Printing Mechanism Print Method Thermal Printing
Paper Width Maximum 80mm
Print Resolution 300dpi
Print Speed 150mm/second*
Max Print Length 240mm
Net Weight 11.2kg, 6.65kg (S-XC Platform), 3.35kg (Optional Short stand)