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  • Adapted to protect IT applications in home, office and retail environments
  • A complete range of six models to adapt the power to the equipment’s consumption or to required back-up time.
  • Control panel with graphical icons LCD / LEDs allowing the operating mode to be easily monitored.
  • The integrated AVR function (Automatic Voltage Regulation) stabilizes the output voltage and avoids the switching to Battery Mode operation, therefore saving the battery to support critical power cut events.
  • Several IEC 320 sockets (IT standard) simplify the connectivity to computer and IT peripherals.
  • Integrated NTP protection for LAN/ADSL connection against the risk of data line overvoltage.
  • Warranty 2 years.


1. USB serial port
2. NTP data line suppressor
3. UPS output sockets
4. Input socket and fuse
5. Fan / air vents

Technical data

Sn600 VA650 VA850 VA1000 VA1500 VA2000 VA
Pn360 W360 W480 W600 W900 W1200 W
Input / output1/1
Rated voltage230 V
Voltage tolerance170 V – 280 V
Rated frequency50 / 60 Hz with automatic selection
Mains connectionIEC320 socket
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Rated voltage230 V ±10%
Rated frequency50/60 Hz ±1%
Wave formStep wave
ProtectionOverload, significant discharge and short circuit
Connections4 x IEC 320 (C13)  (1)6 x IEC 320 (C13) (1)
TypeSealed lead-acid maintenance free – expected life 3/5 years
Back-up time (2)15 min15 min20 min45 min55 min60 min
Local communication softwareLocal View
Telephone protectionNTP data line suppressor
UPS cabinet
Dimensions W x D x H100 x 300 x 145 mm145 x 345 x 165 mm145 x 390 x 205 mm
Weight5.0 kg5.2 kg6.0 kg9.7 kg11.2 kg12 kg
SafetyIEC/EN 62040-1, AS 62040.1.1, AS 62040.1.2
EMCIEC/EN 62040-2, AS 62040.2
Product declarationCE, RCM (E2376)

(1) Australian standard sockets on Netys PE models specific for Australia.
(2) PC + 17” LCD monitor.